babies, buckets and moms . . oh my!

"Oh my," is right! When we designed the Baby Bucket, we knew babies and moms would absolutely love it. In fact, Shannon S. of Eden, Utah could not have captured our intentions more accurately.

"The BABYBUCKET really works!"

- Shannon S. Age 33, Eden, Utah

"Like most moms, I was a little skeptical that my baby would enjoy the Baby Bucket. We tried bathing him in the bath tub, in the sink, in other baby bath products, and nothing seemed to work. Bath time was getting very frustrating, and I wondered why somebody couldn't come up with a simple bathing concept that babies love. I'll tell you this though...the second I placed my baby into the Baby Bucket, the biggest smile lit up across his cute little face! Now bath time is fun, it's easy, and best of all, when he's crying and upset, all I have to do is fill up the Baby Bucket with some warm water, and he instantly relaxes. And, I love how safe, stable, and easy to use it is. If you're a new mom too and dread bath time, you have to try the Baby Bucket!"

We love hearing real life testimonials like this one, as they strengthen our business philosophy.

Our philosophy in a bucket.

At Platinum Products, we design products that help make life easier. We're inspired by those moments in life when we all say, "Why doesn't somebody come up with that?" And that's what we do!

As parents ourselves, we designed the Baby Bucket to help make bath time and parenting easier. Our number one goal is to help make bathing a much more enjoyable and relaxing experience for your child, and if we can succeed at doing that, then we know we will have succeeded at making your life just a little bit easier too. We believe we've done just that, and we know you and your baby are going to love the Baby Bucket too.

And now you can get yours today!

get your Baby Bucket today!

Get your Baby Bucket today!

Experience just how much easier and stress free the Baby Bucket can make your life today! We guarantee you and your baby will LOVE it!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We proudly offer our 100% Money Back Guarantee to you because we know you and your baby will love the Baby Bucket. Go ahead and give it a shot! We know you'll be happy you did. If for whatever reason you're not absolutely delighted with how the Baby Bucket has made bathing easier, please contact us within 30 days of original purchase. We'll send you your money back (less S&H), no questions asked.