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Bath time just got a whole lot easier!

The Baby Bucket design is recommended by doctors and mid-wives, and used in maternity hospitals and birthing clinics all over Europe. And now, it's available here in the U.S!

By placing your baby is the most familiar position they know, the fetal position, the Baby Bucket has become the easiest, most natural-feeling transition from a mother's womb into bathing. Now your baby can feel warmer, safer, and more secure so they relax and enjoy bath time...and that means you can too!

So take a look below and discover how easy, fun, and safe bathing baby can be!

Baby feels warm, safe, and happy!

Immerse your baby into the warm, calming influence and peaceful relaxed atmosphere of the Baby Bucket!

4 easy steps to use Baby Bucket

Sooths and Protects

Make bath time a breeze! When it comes to bathing, babies can be fussy from discomfort. That's why the Baby Bucket places baby into the most familiar position they know, the fetal position, so they can feel soothed and relaxed with bathing.

Warms and Comforts

Warm babies are happy babies! Simply fill the Baby Bucket with warm water and you'll keep your baby's entire little body warm for up to 20 minutes. Babies love the comfort they feel from the soft, close walls and warm water around them, which helps them relax...and that means, you can too!

Perfect for newborns, preemies, and babies with colic

The Baby Bucket is perfect for keeping newborns and preemies warm and cozy. And for babies with colic, the Baby Bucket has become a blessing for both babies and parents. Help your baby feel relaxed and calm...and give yourself some much needed relaxation too.

Stress-free bath time for mom

Bath time can be a daunting experience for any parent. Well, it won't be anymore! When babies are happy, moms are happy too, and babies LOVE the calm, soothing experience of the Baby Bucket.

Better bonding moments for daddy!

The Baby Bucket is also a great way for new dads to bond with baby faster. Because the Baby Bucket mimics the relaxing fetal position, babies feel the comfort and security of mom close by while dads get to enjoy these special moments. Moms, get ready for some much needed "me time!"

Unique Design Keeps Babies Feeling Safe!
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The Baby Bucket is the perfect gift for any new mom. And coming soon, you'll be able to welcome a precious baby into the world by giving the gift of comfort, safety, and so much more. We're excited to be partnering with some of the nation's top retailers to create an unforgettable gift bundle for new moms, expecting girlfriends, co-workers, and baby showers too!

Give the gift of a great Gift Bucket!
get your Baby Bucket today!

Get your Baby Bucket today!

Experience just how much easier and stress free the Baby Bucket can make your life today! We guarantee you and your baby will LOVE it!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We proudly offer our 100% Money Back Guarantee to you because we know you and your baby will love the Baby Bucket. Go ahead and give it a shot! We know you'll be happy you did. If for whatever reason you're not absolutely delighted with how the Baby Bucket has made bathing easier, please contact us within 30 days of original purchase. We'll send you your money back (less S&H), no questions asked.